Instant Cool Illumination

Deeply hydrating and refreshing, this concentrated hyaluronic acid and ice treatment instantly plumps up your skin and boosts circulation while de-puffing the face and banishing the tell-tale signs of tiredness. Light exfoliation brightens and smooths the skin and ice globes are massaged over to lift, de-puff and remove toxins. The skin is then infused with hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid using the power of cold and oxygen by Coolift. The concentrated hyaluronic acid is gently worked in to the skin using ultrasound micro vibrations for an instant “glow on the go”. Whether you need to be party ready or prepared to impress at work, you will have your best face on. Best of all there is no healing time.
Level 1: No planning required instant glow on the go-on the day skin glow suitable for everyone.
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